Korean Resource Center Building Momentum for Historic Korean American Voter Turnout and Impact

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October 12, 2012

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Korean Resource Center Building Momentum for Historic Korean American Voter Turnout and Impact

21,773 voters in Los Angeles County and 6,352 voters in Orange County called through phone banking

Los Angeles, Californa – Volunteers organized by the Korean Resource Center are building momentum for a historic Korean American voter impact in Los Angeles and Orange County. With the help of 45 Campaign Fellows and over 100 volunteers, the Korean Resource Center is contacting over 30,000 voters in Southern California. Korean American voters will make a substantial impact on the November 2012 elections, especially on California statewide ballot measures – propositions.

In addition to registering and turning out thousands of first time voters, the Korean Resource Center’s primary campaign is to pass Proposition 30 with the contributions of Korean American voters. Proposition 30 would raise income taxes by between 1% and 3% on the top 2% of California income earners – married couples earning over $500,000 an year – for seven years and temporarily raise the sales tax by 0.25%. This would raise up to $9 billion an year for education, K-12 public schools, the California State University and University of California systems, and critical senior and social services.

Dayne Lee, Civic Participation Coordinator, said “Korean American voters have had enough with budget cuts for seniors and education. Cuts to schools hurt our childrens’ education, and cuts to seniors’ medicare and welfare services are dangerous to our community’s health. Students cannot afford yet another tuition hike this December. Investing in education and protecting critical social and senior services are especially important for Korean American voters because they align with our cultural values: respect for our elders, social responsibility by the wealthiest on behalf of the least fortunate, and education as a critical pathway to social mobility. I believe that this is why over 83% of the 26,000 Korean American voters we have called so far support Proposition 30.”

The Korean Resource Center is halfway through its two month campaign for the 2012 Presidential elections. KRC has called over 25,000 voters and has been precinct walking in Koreatown for the past 4 weekends. In the upcoming month, the Korean Resource Center plans to make 20,000 more phone calls, and talked 3,000 more people door to door, at markets, and in a series of community meetings in Orange County.

The 2012 elections are a historic opportunity for Korean American voters. A September poll of California voters by the Field Poll company found that 51 % of California voters supported Prop 30 while 36% were opposed, yet Korean American voters support Proposition 30 by an 83% to 2% margin. Yaechan Lee, Civic Participation Intern at the Korean Resource Center, said, “the Korean Resource Center hopes to ensure that Korean American voter registration and turnout rates reach record high rates this fall, and anticipates that Korean American voters have an opportunity to contribute to the margin of victory should Proposition 30 pass.”

The Korean Resource Center will continue to register voters to maximize the Korean American community’s turnout until the October 22nd deadline. Voters can register online or at KRC. The Korean Resource Center is also continuing its six year vote by mail campaign, so that seniors and busy working parents can vote by mail ahead of the elections. The Vote By Mail deadline is October 30.

Youngki Lee, a Senior at Van Nuys High School, said “I am concerned because the quality of education is decreasing every year. I hope we can save the schools by passing Proposition 30. I registered my parents – they will vote for the first time!”

The Korean Resource Center is mobilizing over 150 elections volunteers, and is continuing to look for volunteers to get involved with elections efforts.

For more information, call the KRC elections hotline at (323) 680-5709

To join KRC as an elections volunteer, email Dayne Lee, Civic Participation Coordinator, at dayne@krcla.org

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