AAPI Elected Officers Support Proposition 30

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AAPI elected officials and community leaders convened a press conference at Empress Pavilion Restaurant in Los Angeles to inform the AAPI community about the devastating cuts to education and health and human services programs that will occur if Proposition fails to pass on November 6th.

Board of Equalization Member Betty Yee, Senator Carol Liu, Assembly Member Warren Furutani, Assembly Member Mike Eng, Torrance School Board Member Al Muratsuchi, APIsCAN, APAIT, and the Korean Resource Center spoke at the press conference.

The AAPI community makes up 1.4 million of California’s voters and will be a pivotal voting bloc in next Tuesday’s election.

State Board of Equalization Board Member Betty Yee said “It is very important for the AAPI community to really express our wholehearted support for Proposition 30. We’ve seen year after year of state budget cuts affecting public schools. We can no longer afford this is we are going to be a strong economy and a strong workforce and a leader in the global economy.

State Senator Ted Lieu (28th district, Torrance) said, “I support Prop 30 because it is the right thing to do. I also have a conflict of interest, I have two kids in public school.”

State Assemblymember Mike Eng (49th district, Monterey Park) said, “When I was young many years ago, I was an at-risk child, and dropped out of school with the worst grades. But because of a well-funded educational system, which money for educators, teachers, and counselors, I was rescued. I want to save this safety net for all of our children. This is what Prop 30 is all about.”

Dae Yoon, Executive Director at the Korean Resource Center said. “This is election is very important to me, and to the 6 million children in California K-12 Schools. Our community’s seniors, youth, and working parents have one vote and one hope and one dream, that our kids’ can access a great education and go to college so that they can become teachers, social workers, doctors, and contribute to our community. I’m meeting students whose high schools don’t have a single librarian or counselor. Community College and UCLA students dropping out for semesters to work to pay tuition. We have an important choice to make next Tuesday, we must vote, and we must Vote YES on Proposition 30.”


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