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Download N-400 Application

Download the N-400 application here

What do you need to file form N 400?

1. Filing Fee

  • $680 ($595 plus a biometrics fee of $80) / $595 if 75 years of age or older:

2. 2 passport size photos (you must not be wearing earrings in the photos)

3. Identification

  • Green Card
  • California ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Passport

4. Information about your residence and employment

  • Residence
    • Every address where you have lived during the last five years(including in other countries),
    • the dates you lived at each address (--/--/---- to --/--/----)
  • Employment
    • List of where you have worked or attended school during the last five years (including dates you were unemployed)
    • Include the employer or school name, address, dates, occupation, beginning with the most recent employer or school

5. Time outside the United States

  • Every trip that you have taken outside the U.S. since becoming a lawful permanent resident
  • Include dates you left and returned, countries, total number of days, beginning with your most recent trip

6. Martial history

  • Current spouse:
    • Name, address, date of birth, date of marriage, social security #, USCIS #.
    • If your spouse is a U.S. citizen, include the date and place your spouse became a U.S. citizen
    • If you have been a lawful permanent resident for only 3 years and your spouse is a U.S. citizen, you must include copies of your marriage certificate and your spouse’s proof of citizenship (certificate of naturalization or birth certificate)
    • If your current spouse has been married more than once, include the name, date of marriage, date marriage ended, and immigration status of each prior spouse
  • Former spouse(s): (divorce, spouse died, other)
    • Name, date of marriage, date marriage ended, Prior spouse’s immigration status

7. Children

  • Full name, date of birth, USCIS A # , country of birth, and current address for each child

8. Criminal Records

  • Any arrests, citations, detainments, or charges (cause, date, place, outcome)
  • If you have gotten a traffic ticket since becoming a lawful permanent resident, you must include the cause, date, place, and outcome of each ticket (except parking tickets). If you do not know all of this information, you must get a copy of your driving record from the DMV.

9. Selective Service Registration (if you are male and lived in the U.S. between your 18th and 26th birthdays)

  • date registered , selective service number

10. Affiliations: English name of group(any organization, association, church or similar group)

Korean Resource Center ☎323-937-3718

Korean language Services

  1. Asian Language Legal Intake Program 1-800-867-3640

Mon-Fri 9:30 AM - 4: 30 PM, Assistance in Korean Available, Citizenship application legal consultation available

  1. Koreatown Senior Center 213-480-3885 Assistance in Korean available
  2. Asian Pacific American Legal Center 213-977-7500 Citizenship application legal consultation available
  3. KAC 213-365-5999 Assistance in Korean available, Citizenship application

Citizenship Classes

  1. Korean American Education Foundation Inc. 213-386-1940
  2. Evans Community Adult School 717 N. Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: (213) 626-7151 Fax: (213) 626-4487
  3. Los Angeles Community Adult School 4650 W. Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90019 Phone: (323) 931-1026 Fax: (213) 936-5496
  4. Metropolitan Skills Center 2801 W. 6th Street Los Angeles, CA 90057__Phone: (213) 386-7269__Fax: (213) 386-4554
  5. Los Angeles City College 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Bungalow 125 (behind Library) Los Angeles, CA 90029 (323) 953-4289

Study Guides and sample tests are also available from the Korea Daily at

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