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  • Watch our video to see how LA youth would Turn on the Turnout among Korean American parents!

KRC wins the "Turn On the Turnout" Contest! We thank our many supporters for spreading the word and voting for us! We also thank the Goldhirsh Foundation and Liberty Hill Foundation for making this opportunity possible.


KRC will launch the “My Parents Vote for Our Future” project, empowering Los Angeles Korean American youth to engage their parents in civic life and elections. The project includes two key components. First, young Korean Americans will be recruited and trained to register voters and participate in Get Out The Vote activities. KRC will partner with local junior and high schools to offer youth either a stipend or school credit for their time. Partnering schools and Korean American parent-teacher associations may set up voter registration drop boxes, and students who return their parents' voter registration forms will receive extra credit. Second, KRC staff and youth volunteers will give workshops about the importance of voting to parents groups and send targeted direct mailing of Korean-language vote by mail guides to working-age Korean Americans. KRC will also phone bank and canvass to this same target population and reinforce these efforts through media coverage from Korean language media outlets.


Immigrant Korean American adults from the ages of 30 to 55 years residing in Los Angeles represent a notoriously hard-to-reach population. Most are Limited English Proficient, work long hours, and are unfamiliar with the voting process. At the same time, they care deeply about quality of life issues, especially education. Through a multi-touch strategy (mailers, phone banking, canvassing) that is amplified through Korean media coverage, KRC will turn out 5,000 unlikely voters in this age range. KRC has a proven track record in running culturally sensitive, bi-lingual voter turnout and vote by mail programs for unlikely voters. KRC has run programs to turn out elderly voters for six years, and now close to 50% of LA Korean seniors vote by mail. KRC has increased turnout by as much as 22.8% among unlikely voters in past elections. With the My Parents Vote for Our Future campaign, KRC will be able to target voters age 30-55 and expects that at least 5,000 unlikely voters turn out in 2012.


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