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Leaders of the New School (2016)

The Korean Resource Center is a non-profit community organization empowering low-income immigrants, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and people of color communities in Southern California. Using a holistic approach, we integrate services, education, culture, organizing, and coalition building.

Leaders of the New School gathers youth leaders and trains them to become efficient and effective campaign managers. The program is an eight week long program that connects youth students to various community organizations and civic engagement coordinators in order to develop upon and expand their understanding and skills in navigating local political spaces.  The program focuses on the development of applicable skills as well as the application of these skills. Participants will be given the opportunity to organize, facilitate, and run campaigns that will have great effect on the outcomes of the upcoming General Elections within their own communities. By the end of the summer, the participants train to become experienced campaign managers for civic engagement programs in the Fall.

Leaders of the New School will begin Tuesday, June 21st and will continue to meet for every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The program requires approximately 25 hours of commitment per week. In addition to that, all program participants will be paid a stipend. Leaders of the New School will end on Friday, August 12th.  In this time, participants will:

  • To show Asian American Pacific Islander youth that they have the power to change their communities
  • Learn skills, such as volunteer management and training, fundraising, and how to build campaigns in local neighborhoods and schools
  • Run campaigns that are meaningful, effective, and fun
  • Track, record, and analyze data pertinent to organizing the community

Apply online by May 30th  For more information, contact Aiden Pham at aiden [at]