KRC is a non-profit organization classified under the 501(c)(3) tax exemption provision. 80% of our funding comes from private foundations, and 20% comes from the support of the community in the form of membership and fundraising events. We thank the generous support of foundations, collaboratives and companies, as well as our hundreds of members and donors:

In 2016, KRC's expected revenue is $1,444,215* and consists of:

  • $565,604 Foundation
  • $339,309 Collaboratives - KRC has joined various collaborative networks to jointly apply for funding
  • $232,607 Programs - funding per application filed, translation or consultation support for other organizations
  • $187,853 Community - Brick by Brick, Donations, Annual Dinner, Board of Directors
  • $64,500 Corporate
  • $52,685 Membership Dues
  • $1,658 Other

KRC's projected expenses is $1,448,447* and consists of:

  • $1,013,941 Personnel
  • $221,839 Programs
  • $105,502 Operations
  • $75,000 Reserves
  • $32,195 Regrants to other nonprofits

Below is a list of foundations, collaboratives and corporations supporting KRC:

 * Please note that all amounts are as of yet unaudited.