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KRC CiviCRM Deployment Notes



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Group Naming Rules
Always add the below prefix when naming groups.

KRC Programs
- FUND Fundraising
- ORG ORganizing
- IRP Immigrant Rights
- HAP Health Access

Other Categories
- RULE Made to create another group on top of it

Functional Categories
- Import: for distinguishing an imported set of contacts


161123 Can't use Campaign ID in a smarty if statement in "Contribution - Invoice" template


161220 Some reports only load the criteria screen, and do not display results until user presses "Refresh" or "View results"

Solution: replace by

Value for "Yes" and "No" in Webform Conditional

Yes=1, No=0

Autocomplete email subscriber info in webforms and event registration

add the following at the end of URL:

  • for webforms: 
  • for event registration and donation pages: 

Email Design

When using the standard civicrm responsive design newsletter, the images each must be equal or under the size specified. If the image is 1000px wide, even if it's specified as 700px or 330px in IMG, smartphones (tested with gmail app) will show it as 1000px and show the text underneath, which will look tiny.