Dream Podcast Season 2

The Dream Podcast is informational content about immigrant rights and analysis and news from the centers, jointly produced by KRC, NAKASEC and KRCC. Season 1 aired as a podcast, and Season 2 will air in video format. We don't have an English language episode for Season 2 yet - stay tuned!

Thoughts, Stories, Questions

Send us your questions through the KRC Public Knowledge Base!

  • Your life as an immigrant (select stories will be shared in the show)
  • Questions about past episodes
  • Topics that you would like us to cover in the future
  • Comments and opinions on the Dream Show itself

If you'd like to ask your questions privately, email us at show [at] krcla.org or call 323-937-3718 #7.


Past Episodes

Dream Podcast Season 1 (2013)

From March 22nd to June 10th of 2013, the Korean Resource Center conducted a weekly podcast program to educate and activate the Korean American community on immigration reform. Each week, our organizers and community members will bring stories from the field, community actions in which you can participate, and the latest on immigration reform.