Staff and Volunteers

Immigrant Rights Organizing & Civic Engagement

Dae Yoon djyoon [at] President

Erica Kim erica [at]
Immigrant Rights Parent Organizer

Milly Kim milly [at]
Youth Organizer

Immigration Legal Services

Judy Choi judy [at]
Immigrant Legal Services Fellow

Isabel Kang isabel [at]
Outreach and Services Manager

Ji Ae Kim jiae [at]
Staff Attorney

Jae W Ko jae [at]
Social Service Manager

David Kim david [at]
Service Coordinator

Health & Housing Services and Organizing

Young Ran Kim youngran [at]
Crenshaw Program Manager 

Kyoung Hee Choi kyoung [at]
Health Access Coordinator

Hee Gong Kim heegong [at]
Service Coordinator

Pam Cho pam [at]
Affordable Housing Councselor

Esther Kim esther [at]
Housing Counselor

Christine Park christine [at]
Communication Associate


Kil Joo Lee kiljoo [at]
Founding Board and Volunteer

Tamaki Terada tamaki [at]
Naturalization Volunteer

Eun-Hee Oh

Sun Yoo

Michelle Kim

Updated 12/12/2019


Kyoung Hee Choi assists with with Medical and Medicare Part D applications. She also organizes our DACA parents group.

Isabel Kang comes with over 20 years of experience advocating for the rights of domestic violence survivors.  Prior to coming to KRC, she was the Program Director at the Korean Community Center of the East Bay in Oakland.

Esther Kim assists with affordable housing applications and other inquiries about housing.

Jae Ko is overseeing KRC's naturalization, DACA, AB60 and other services in KRC's Crenshaw office.

Kil Joo Lee is a founding board member and former board chair of KRC and is a board member of NAKASEC. She is currently volunteering at KRC's Crenshaw office, helping community members with general inquiries. She is the former Vice-President of the Korean National Cultural and Artists Association of USA.