Staff and Volunteers

Executive Team

J.P. (Jonathan Paik) jonathan [at]
Executive Director

Jenny Seon jenny [at]
Immigrant Legal Services Director

Yongho Kim yongho [at]
Director of Digital

Immigrant Rights Organizing

Dae Yoon djyoon [at] President

Alice Lee alice [at]
Immigrant Rights Youth Organizer

Erica Kim erica [at]
Immigrant Rights Parent Organizer

Civic Engagement and Organizing

JP, Executive Director

Susan Cheng susan [at]
Youth Organizing Manager

Nara Kim nara [at]
Campaign Manager

Jazzmin Mercado jazzmin [at]
Youth Organizer

Lucy Ngo lucy [at]
Youth Organizer

Lesley Velasco lesley [at]
Youth Organizing Coordinator

Rafael Vera rafa [at]
High School Organizing Coordinator

Rex Wang rex [at]
Youth Organizer

Immigration Legal Services

Jenny Seon, Attorney & Immigrant Legal Services Director

Judy Choi judy [at]
Immigrant Legal Services Fellow

Isabel Kang isabel [at]
Outreach and Services Manager

David Kim david [at]
OC Service Coordinator

Damian Kim damian [at]
Immigration Legal Service Manager

Ji Ae Kim jiae [at]
Staff Attorney

Healy Ko healy [at]
Skadden Fellow

Jae W Ko jae [at]
Social Service Manager

Jinkyung Park jinkyung [at]
Legal Service Manager

Health & Housing Services and Organizing

Yongho Kim, Director of Digital

Pam Cho pam [at]
Housing Coordinator

Kyoung Hee Choi kyoung [at]
Health Access Coordinator

Hee Gong Kim heegong [at]
Service Coordinator

Young Ran Kim youngran [at]
Crenshaw Program Manager 


Yongho Kim, Director of Digital

Jane Luong jane [at]
Finance and Operation Coordinator


Esther Kim esther [at]
Housing Counselor

Kil Joo Lee kiljoo [at]
Founding Board and Volunteer

Tamaki Terada tamaki [at]
Naturalization Volunteer

Eun-Hee Oh

Sun Yoo

Michelle Kim

Updated 10/17/2019

JP is KRC's Executive Director and was formerly the Orange County Director and Campaign Manager at the Buena Park office, building and training a local and progressive base of Korean-Americans to work on issues across Orange County.

Before working at the KRC, he started his work in politics at the Bus Federation Civic Fund in Portland, Oregon, serving as the Operations Manager until December 2014. He also helped coordinate a campaign with the Urban League of Portland, collecting health equity surveys and signing low-income children up for healthcare.

Susan Cheng's role is to run KRC’s college youth programs: Leaders of the New School and FOREground, which focuses on training and empowering youth to become strong and informed community organizers and leaders.

She also leads civic engagement and advocacy campaigns in Orange County by coordinating with college campuses, developing and implementing educational workshops, building educational curriculums that address issues impacting the AAPI community at the city, county, and federal level, and actively recruiting and training youth volunteers. Susan graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 2016 with B.A. in Asian American Studies. 

Kyoung Hee Choi assists with with Medical and Medicare Part D applications. She also organizes our DACA parents group.

Isabel Kang comes with over 20 years of experience advocating for the rights of domestic violence survivors.  Prior to coming to KRC, she was the Program Director at the Korean Community Center of the East Bay in Oakland.

Damian Kim is overseeing naturalization and DACA applications, undocumented student college admissions in the Kingsley office.

Esther Kim assists with affordable housing applications and other inquiries about housing.

Nara Kim coordinates youth outreach, organizing, and social justice programs targeting high school and college youth. This position coordinates campus outreach, develops KRC’s year-round youth organizing program, and coordinates logistics for annual events, including membership meetings, youth committee meetings, and team retreats.

Yongho Kim's interests are in improving the effectiveness of KRC's systems and processes with a focus on technology. He develops the organization's capacity with PowerBase/CiviCRM database implementation, VAN & PDI, websites, design, language and cognitive accessibility, video production, logistics and communications. With 20 years of experience managing databases, he coordinated KRC's adoption of the California VoterConnect VAN in 2006 and provided data assistance to MIV, Korea TimesNational CAPACD and the City of Whittier.

Yongho studied Cultural Anthropology (B.A.) at Macalester College in Minnesota, participating in ¡Adelante! and the Centro de Derechos Laborales. Before college, he lived 11 years in Chile with missionary parents, and is a session elder at Church of Peace, a Korean American PCUSA church. He is a fan of the computer game Oxygen Not Included.

Jae Ko is overseeing KRC's naturalization, DACA, AB60 and other services in KRC's Crenshaw office.

Kil Joo Lee is a founding board member and former board chair of KRC and is a board member of NAKASEC. She is currently volunteering at KRC's Crenshaw office, helping community members with general inquiries. She is the former Vice-President of the Korean National Cultural and Artists Association of USA.

Jinkyung Park provides immigration legal services such as DACA renewals, naturalization, family petitions, and other immigration relief cases. Jinkyung aspires to be an immigration lawyer and continue to serve and empower undocumented immigrant communities. 

She graduated from UC San Diego with degrees in Political Science with concentration in American Politics and International Studies. Her strong understanding of social justice and immigrant rights issues developed while working as the Family Engagement Assistant at UCSD’s Undocumented Student Services Center. After graduation, Jinkyung started working at KRC as the Immigrant Rights Campaign Coordinator, advocating on behalf of the Asian American community on statewide and national immigrant rights issues. Jinkyung’s passion for legal education and service eventually transitioned to serve as a Legal Advocate at KRC’s Immigrant Rights Project team.

Jenny Seon oversees legal services at KRC which includes the naturalization, DACA and higher education access (AB540 and California Dream Act) clinics. She also supervises the immigrant rights project aimed to educate the wider public on immigrant reform issues, advocate for commonsense policy reforms, and organizes immigrant communities.

Prior to joining KRC, Jenny worked as a law clerk for the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles’s Asian Pacific Islander Outreach Unit. Jenny graduated from University of California, Irvine and holds a J.D. from La Verne College of Law.

Rafa Vera recently graduated from University of California, Irvine and received his B.A. in Sociology. He has been coming out to actions and events that KRC has hosted since Fall of 2017 and interned with us in 2018 for our Leaders of the New School Program. You can reach him at rafa [at] or physically at the Fullerton office.

Lesley Velasco is a recent graduate from the University of Long Beach where she received her B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in Interaction and Group Relations. She has been active with the Korean Resource Center a little shy of a year. She started as an intern for 2018 Leaders of the New School (LNS) and has been volunteering her time to help build the curriculum for this year's LNS. She will be a temporary staff until November. You can reach her at lesley [at] or physically at the Fullerton office.

Rex Wang coordinates youth outreach, organizing, and social justice programs targeting high school and college youth in Orange County. This position coordinates campus outreach, develops KRC’s year-round youth organizing program, and coordinates logistics for annual events, including membership meetings, youth committee meetings, and team retreats.

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