Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement Program

KRC pursues an integrated civic engagement program by bringing its holistic model of organizing, which combines services, education, culture, organizing and advocacy, into civic engagement. KRC trains and involves its staff, board and members in its organizing work that encompasses both electoral and non-electoral cycles, including voter engagement, legislative visits to congress members on immigration reform, town halls, public testimony at hearings, rallies, assisting community members through social services, and educational workshops.

Asian American Voters Backed Clinton Over Trump 75% to 19%, Election Eve Poll Shows

WASHINGTON, DC – Despite the results of last night’s presidential election, the 2016 national Asian American Election Eve poll reveals that Asian Americans overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, 75% to 19% – a significantly higher margin than was suggested by the exit polls. The survey also showed that 56% of Asian Americans now identify as Democrats, a marked jump from 49% in the same poll four years ago.

AP: Deportation Fears Grip Immigrants after Trump's Election

President-elect Donald Trump launched his candidacy on an anti-immigrant sentiment and has vowed to repeal a key Obama administration program that shields hundreds of thousands of people from deportation. Now, many immigrants in the country illegally, or with relatives who are, fear deportation and separation from their families. In immigrant-heavy areas like Los Angeles and Phoenix, activists are scrambling to provide informational meetings for immigrants to help them protect themselves from deportation. Others want legal immigrants to apply for citizenship so they can eventually obtain legal status for relatives. Here are stories from some immigrants who fear what a Trump presidency could bring.

KRC Phone Bankers to Reach over 100,000 AAPI Voters by Election Day

LOS ANGELES, CA - On Thursday, November 3rd, the Korean Resource Center (KRC) invited members of the press to catch staff and volunteer phone bankers in action in its Crenshaw office. Since September 6th, volunteers ranging from youth to seniors made calls to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities all over Southern California to encourage them to register to vote, remind registered voters to get out the vote, and answer any questions voters had about ballot initiatives or the voting process. To date, all three KRC offices in both Los Angeles and Orange County have contacted over 75,500 potential and registered voters. Even in an era of technology platforms with the ability to reach masses of people including email and Facebook, KRC understands the value of the human voice connecting over the phone and plans to reach over 100,000 people by November 8th. 

Voter Guide

This November, Asian American and Pacific Islander voters will play a key role in shaping the future of our country, our state and our neighborhoods. California is home to the largest Asian American and Pacific Islander population in the nation and we believe that an informed Asian American and Pacific Islander electorate will benefit our entire state.

7,648 voters registered!

7,648 voters registered, with over 90% being eligible this November. (The remaining 10% are high school students under the age of 18) We are so proud of our team for accomplishing such amazing work for our community. There are 12 days left. Join us as we get closer to election day. For any questions around the election or if you want to volunteer, call: (323) 937-3718.