Frequently Asked Questions

For information about homeless people and the proposed k-town site (682 S Vermont), please check out the respective pages. This page will have answers to other frequently asked quesitons.

This page and the entirety of this section on homelessness is managed by Yongho Kim from KRC.

Are you not afraid of the Korean American community's retaliation?

All of KRC's issues were always unpopular in the Korean American community at first. From Democracy in South Korea (1980's), protecting immigrants' eligibility for government programs  (1996), DREAM Act (2001), Immigration Reform (2005), no matter the issue, there were people in the community who argued "why do you pick up this issue of all", "Koreans oppose this", "it's fine that you support, but just don't make it so blatant", "it's bad for business". However, as the right information was available in the community and we were able to have rational conversations on the issue, the majority realized that the issue was not only good for the Korean American community, but society at large, and turned to support it.

I remember in 2012, when we were pushing for Proposition 30, a measure that would tax the top 2% of income earners to fund education, the Korean American politicans and media outlets who argued that "it's bad for business", "the rich people will move out of state". Did the economy really sink after 2012? Did the rich run away, reducing the tax pool? Aren't government programs more stable now, and higher education recovered from its crisis? I would challenge those who spread negative propaganda against Proposition 30 to try to stand behind those same arguments today. KRC will continue to pursue policies that prioritize immigrants, people of color, and working families.

Isn't KRC doing this for the money, or to win favors? Who is really behind KRC's strange actions?

You are correct! Actually, KRC has a tremendous conflict of interest, which is why we ended up getting involved in this homelessness issue. We have only the best conflicts of interest, which is incredible. I believe it is time for us to let the secrets in the open, and confess all our secret conflicts of interest. Please click this link to learn of details.