KRC's Secret Conflict of Interest

Who is this secret conflict of interest for whom KRC is pushing this strange homelessness agenda? Well, it is you, the members of the community. For over 35 years, KRC has led efforts for a progressive social change with immigrants, people of color, low-income, LGBTQ+ communities, working families, undocumented immigrants and students. We believe that the current homeless housing debate will be another landmark moment in a series of changes impacting our communities.

KRC is not receiving funding from the city - information about our major funders and other financial information can be found in the financial statements and 990 forms publically available on our website. No outside organization has pressured KRC on this issue, and no foundation supporting KRC knew that KRC would be involved in the homelessness debate this year. The only party who contacted us were some Korean American media who pressured us to take a stance against the homeless housing site.

KRC has produced a common platform with its members and other ally immigrant rights organizations, where our stance on housing is:

Healthy, Habitable, and Affordable Housing
All communities, regardless of immigration status, deserve to live in housing that is safe, affordable for low-income families, and close to where they work.

  • Increase government funding to preserve, maintain, and build affordable and safe housing.
  • Expand, protect, and enforce the rights of renters.
  • Resource alternative models of housing for low-income immigrants and people of color including land ownership, collective ownership, housing co-ops, and community land trusts.
  • Promote responsible development that creates good jobs, housing, and transportation for low-income communities

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