CiviCRM Troubleshooting and Feature Development

This page documents planned features or problems that were troubleshooted/are being handled.

while the below programs continue on their current  systems

  • KRC Service appointments
  • KRC IRP Services
  • KRCC
  • NAKASEC-VA Organizing

Already transitioned as of 2016

  • KRC Contributions
  • KRC Housing, Health Services
  • KRC Membership
  • KRC, NAKASEC Email Newsletters

Planned work

  • Grant - Calendar with upcoming activities for ongoing grants
  • Form to automatically mark a person's mailing address as wrong when we get returned mail
    • Prototype:
    • Problems (12/6/16)
      • Wanted to auto-complete 5 wrong, do not mail upon choosing a USPS reason.
        • For "5 Wrong", neither 5, Wrong, or 5 Wrong are recognized.
        • For "do not mail", neither 3, do not mail, mail are recognized (but it's still blocked out, so something is happening)
      • Strangely, this is the webform where multiple "then, then" (for one triggering condition) type conditionals work
    • Revise New Contact Form, hide low usage portions
    • Santa Clara County is not in the list.
    • Update old Pending ones
    • Wrong Address MArker
    • Text messaging - tested in November 2016, seems to work


161123 Can't use Campaign ID in a smarty if statement in "Contribution - Invoice" template


161220 Some reports only load the criteria screen, and do not display results until user presses "Refresh" or "View results"

Solution: replace by

Value for "Yes" and "No" in Webform Conditional

Yes=1, No=0

Autocomplete email subscriber info in webforms and event registration

add the following at the end of URL:

  • for webforms: 
    and add "Existing Contact" with setting "Default:none, Use contact fid from URL (checked by default)"
  • for event registration and donation pages: