Which are the cities with the most Korean American voters in California?

Lisa Liu, KRC Data & Development Associate

For over a decade, the Korean Resource Center has led the way in voter engagement techniques and voter data usage among people of color community organizations in Southern California. This is our first entry in a new blog series exploring topics in voter data and integrated voter engagement best practices to share the accumulated know-how with social justice activists and organizations in the Asian American community.

We would like to thank the California VoterConnect VAN project (2006-2012), Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Alliance, New Organizing Institute, Wellston Action, Political Data Inc (PDI), State Voices VAN and the many foundations supporting KRC’s civic engagement work for opening up doors allowing KRC to develop its data and civic engagement capacity.

We open up the series with a simple data set - which are the major cities in California with the biggest number of Korean American voters?

Analyzing California’s cities, townships and unincorporated areas, we found 227,958 Korean American voters across:

  • 6 cities with over 5,000 Korean American voters
  • 11 cities with over 2,000 Korean American voters
  • 27 cities over 1,000
  • 49 cities over 500
  • 562 cities between 500 and 1

There were 113 cities with no Korean American voters.

Interact with the data in the below embedded map, which is also available in full screen format.

These are the top ten cities. Get the full list.

  •  47,986 Los Angeles
  •  9,259 San Francisco
  •  7,086 Irvine
  •  6,798 San Jose
  •  6,384 San Diego
  •  5,783 Fullerton
  •  4,379 Torrance
  •  3,948 Glendale
  •  3,740 Cerritos
  •  3,026 Buena Park

There are three prevalent methods for creating a list of Asian American voters, which we will cover in a future post, but for this list we searched for Voters born in Korea and added voters with Korean last names (as well as Korean last names that overlap with Chinese or Vietnamese voters) on PDI.

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