Congress Failed to Protect Our Youth, but We are #HereToFight in Orange County

Media Contact: Ashley Yu ashley [at]  323-212-4188 (Direct)

IRVINE, CA - March 5, 2018 marked the deadline Trump gave Congress to find a permanent legislative solution for 800,000 Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. As all proposed legislation has failed, immigrant youth still do not have a pathway to citizenship nor the protections they need to live without fear of deportation. Due to Congressional inaction, 22,000 youth have lost their DACA status. To express the urgency for a permanent solution for immigrant youth, the Korean Resource Center (KRC) alongside 12 community partners coming from faith, labor, LGBTQ, women's rights and other grassroots organizations assembled a candlelight vigil outside Representative Mimi Walters’ (R-CA) office. Through this action, community leaders expressed not only their outrage against the failed leadership of Representative Walters, who has one of the most impacted districts in the county for undocumented youth and families, and the White House, but also their determination to continue fighting for justice for all immigrants.

At the vigil, more than 150 pro-immigrant activists chanted, cheered and marched holding signs that read “Citizenship4All,” “Education Not Deportation,” and “Resist Hate”. As participants grew in number, the vigil continued to get louder and more energized with speakers KRC Orange County Director Jonathan Paik, KRC Immigrant Rights Youth Organizer Alice, and Pastor Terry LePage.

Jonathan Paik, KRC Orange County Director said, "In this moment, we demand that Orange County legislators stand up for citizenship for ALL undocumented immigrants and refugees. We understand that the fight for legislation that would protect family reunification, diversity visas and provide pathway to citizenship for all immigrants will be challenging, but we aim to continue the fight for complete justice for all our immigrants and their families. No more compromises, no more deals. Orange County stands with all immigrants."

Alice, KRC Immigrant Rights Youth Organizer said, “When we fight for a community, we fight for every single member of the community. Because everyone single one of us, not just Dreamers, not just DACA recipients, but every single one of us has worked ourselves to the bone to be the American that we are today. To have the best chance at winning this fight, we need to bring all 11 million undocumented immigrants together and fight for one united goal - citizenship for all.”