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June 14, 2007
For Immediate release

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Follow the Dreams Across America Train Online at
The website will feature new footage from the train and stops throughout the journey; Chico Dreamer Cathy Gurney gives her reactions upon getting on the train; Today’s Dreamer – Wynona Spears from Bellflower, CA

(The Dreams Train - El Paso, TX) The Dreams Train is chugging along through Arizona and Texas picking up more and more dreamers. The American public can follow them on their journey to Washington DC online at;

Each day, new videos will be posted featuring the stories of the Dreamers, as well as reactions from the Dreamers on the train and at the stops along the route from Los Angeles to Washington D.C.

All are invited to view two new videos posted today. The first is our featured Dreamer video of the day, Wynona Spears from Bellflower, CA. Wynona shares her dreams and immigration story.

“I love being an American citizen,” says Wynona. “I cried when they swore me in… I am a citizen, and I have a son that went to Iraq twice... It’s time to stand up and say ‘we need to keep these people…’ This country is built by immigrants. This is a human problem… It’s not a Democrat or Republican thing…”

You can also see Chico, CA Dreamer and landscaping business owner Cathy Gurney sharing her first thoughts as she begins the journey across America.

Cathy reflects, “…To see everyone amassed in one area (at the train station)… It was kind of heart wrenching almost, because we are all suddenly connected… We live totally different lives, every single one of us, and yet there was a common thread running through everyone, and there was an excitement that we were coming together for a common cause...”

See Wynona and Cathy’s entire videos on;

In eight days (June 13th- 20th) via ten cities, the Dreams Across America Tour will bring together one hundred diverse individuals from throughout the country referred to as Dreamers. These Dreamers will share their compelling stories and reinforce what still holds true today - no matter our backgrounds, immigrant or native born, we all cherish the values that make this country prosper. However, only by working together to address our nation’s broken immigration laws, can we continue to achieve and live the American dream.

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