Undocumented Students Now Can Get Tuition

Undocumented Students Now Can Get Tuition
(translation from Korean article)

JBC Broadcasting 9-21-07

Sixteen Korean American applicants, who had been admitted to UCSD in June but had been denied in-state tuition support for their undocumented status, will be able to enroll in school.

KRC & NAKASEC held a joint press conference and said that sixteen Korean Americans who had not received in-state tuition support due to their undocumented status had now received the in-state tuition exemption and enrolled to classes.

In particular, it was revealed that 300 undocumenteds students of other ethnic backgrounds such as latino, who had been denied in-state tuition exemptions, had been helped together and enrolled to classes thanks to the complaints of Korean American students.


The State of California passed the AB 540, a state law, and had been allowing undocumented students who had atended a California high school for 3 years and then graduated to pay tuition normally allowed to California residents when enrolling in a UC or Cal State public university or a 2-year community college.

But UCSD interpreted this state law to pertain only to those who had illegally entered the country, and had been denying exemptions to students who had become illegal out of visa expirations. There is an average difference of $17,000 between in-state and out of state tuition in UC campuses.

Sixteen undocumented Korean American UCSD Applicants Finally Win In-State Tuition exemptions: KRC and others assisted... a yearly saving of $17,000 in fees.