Our commitment to the community

Dear KRC Supporter,

Thank you for standing with us during our many decades of service to our community. Many of you know that the Korean Resource Center is wading through some challenging times. We worked very hard to resolve these challenges but weren't able to surmount a growing divide. We were taken off-guard when on Friday, November 15th, KRC received 11 resignation notices, with 9 stating their resignation was effective “immediately”.  Two are remaining to finish their work, and both will be gone by Nov. 22nd.  The departures are the culmination of tensions that could not be resolved to the satisfaction of a group that decided to depart.  We learned Monday morning of press and media statements that disparage the organization.  

Our highest priority is to continue KRC's work on behalf of the Korean and AAPI Americans, and Southern California communities. KRC’s board met Tuesday evening to process these events and to continue our focus on stabilizing the organization. We have formed the transition team and are working with them to identify a plan to ensure our responsibilities are completed, timely and successfully.  We are fortunate to have the talent of Maria Cabildo, serving in the capacity of organizational strategy development and infrastructure development;  Jeyon Jung, a 25-year litigator formerly with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Federal U.S. Civil Rights section, and Allison Mouzon, a CPA and financial services expert who served as CFO to ELACC.  The transition team includes individuals who have strong skills in guiding nonprofits in building (and rebuilding) a foundation when an organization goes through sudden change under adverse circumstances.  They are entering in a transitional role.  The search for new leadership is already underway.

In addition, the board and staff are working together to ensure resilience, stability, and safe transition.  Our programming will continue during this period.  We have an unwavering commitment to the community. We haven't wavered in thirty-five years, our dedication and service to our community is indisputable. We will continue to provide support for immigrant families in need of social services, community education about immigration advocacy, and culturally and linguistically adaptive civic engagement with the support of staff and volunteers.

At this point, your support and confidence that KRC can and will rebuild the organization is needed more than ever.  If you have questions about what you see or hear, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Again, thank you for working with us during this very challenging and dynamic time.

Very Truly Yours,

KRC Board

Posted on 11/20/2019 - 7:31pm