Fullerton Joint Union High School District Resolution #54 PASSED!

We are ecstatic to announce that after months of hard work and organizing, the Fullerton Joint Union High School District passed Resolution #54 on June 20th. This is a resolution that would ensure that all students, regardless of immigration status, would have a safe and supportive learning environment. Starting from August 1st of this year, all Fullerton high school staff and faculty will undergo Know Your rights training as well as other trainings to learn how to be a better advocate for their immigrant students. Huge thanks to all the OC community leaders who made this happen!

Full Text of Resolution

RESOLUTION 2016/17 #54
Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Fullerton Joint Union High School District, Orange County, California, to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all students
June 20, 2017

WHEREAS, a fundamental underlying premise of the Fullerton Joint Union High School District (District) is that high quality education for every student is essential to maintain and build America’s strength, prosperity and well-being, democracy, international competitiveness, while also enhancing the development of our communities, and,
WHEREAS, the District serves a very diverse student population, with student family origins spanning multiple continents, families speaking many languages, and including students and families with varying immigration status, and
WHEREAS, the District prioritizes the safety of all our students, staff members, and guests at each of our schools and facilities, and,
WHEREAS, the District recognizes and supports its legal obligation to provide its full education programs and resources to serve all students within the District, regardless of immigration status, and,
WHEREAS, the District is committed to the success of all our students and supporting our students’ overall learning environment, and,
WHEREAS, the District recognizes the concerns and fear that segments of our students face regarding their safety and their families’ safety and/or potential separation, and,
WHEREAS, the District and its Trustees are obligated to operate consistently with the Constitutions and the laws of the State of California and the United States of America, and,
WHEREAS, the District has an obligation to properly handle and limit sensitive student information that is collected to support students’ education and does not have the requirement to obtain and collect immigration status related data.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Fullerton Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees directs the Superintendent to support and implement the continued efforts for maintaining a safe, supportive school and learning environment for all our District’s students. This process will include, but not be limited to, the following items:

  • A. Provide a Positive and Safe Environment. Update as needed and continue to follow the District Comprehensive School Safety Plans and corresponding procedures for the safety of all our students, staff, and guests, and for a positive, supportive learning environment, at all District schools and facilities consistent with the guidance of this resolution.
  • B. Manage Campus Access and Educational Disruptions. Update as needed and continue to follow the established procedures for controlling outsider entry to District schools and facilities, as well as access to students, so as to provide student safety and protection as well as limiting disruption to the learning environment, consistent with state and federal laws. In the case where a requested outsider entry to District campuses could potentially affect safety or the immediate educational environment, such as from facility access by various state and federal agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), approval by the Superintendent or designee must be provided prior to permitting campus access. The procedures should not prohibit lawful enforcement operation when there is an exigent circumstance or when appropriate documentation, such as a lawful court order or warrants or subpoenas signed by a judge, is provided.
  • C. Minimize, Protect, and Update Sensitive Student Data. Update as needed and continue to follow Administrative Regulation 5311 procedures that:
    • (1) limit sensitive student data maintained by the District to the minimum required by law unless certain data is essential to the effectiveness of the student’s educational programs and progress.
    • (2) control and limit external access to, and sharing of, such data.
    • (3) electronically and procedurally protect the data.
    • (4) help assure that the student related data maintained by the District is accurate and up to date. As part of this, the District will identify what sensitive student data the District maintains and not maintains, how and by whom the data will be allowed to be accessed, and the security measures (procedural and electronic) that will be used to protect the data and its access, consistent with law and student safety risk considerations.
  • D. Provide Effective Staff Development. Continue to conduct appropriate staff training with all employees to provide them with the guidance they will need to conduct themselves properly within the District’s approach to this Resolution and to cover various situations they may realistically face.
  • E. Conduct Effective and Thorough Communication with the Full Set of Stakeholders. Communicate the District’s strong commitment to the ideals and practice of an inclusive and safe educational environment. Communication methods would include, at minimum, written memoranda, website publication, meetings with staff members, parents and students at each school, parent meetings including PTA, ELAC, School Site Council, Student Advisory Committees, and FAQ’s to parents. Communication will be provided in the three primary languages of the District as needed, namely Spanish, Korean, and English, and interpretation services will be provided upon request at community meetings. Written communication will also include discussion of the legal guidelines and protections for all potential affected students and parents or guardians. Additionally, information will be provided regarding guidance to parents and guardians, staff members and students concerning recommended measures to be taken regarding custody of a student if a parent has been separated.
  • F. Periodic updates will be provided as necessary as determined by the Superintendent.

I, the undersigned Clerk of the Board of Trustees of the Fullerton Joint Union High School District, hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true and correct copy of a resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Fullerton Joint Union High School District at a meeting thereof on the 20th day of June, 2017, by the following vote of the members thereof:


Clerk/President/Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Fullerton Joint Union High School District