Korea Daily Op-Ed: Towards the next step in the community's growth

(Board member Zu Kim) It was some years ago when my church was located on 6th street in K-town. There were several homeless people living across the church. One of our ‘kwon-sa-nim’ (female elders) boiled eggs for them weekly, and our youth group members occasionally made sandwiches for them. There were at times unexpected moments for the first-time-helpers — the homeless people often refused the food because they just didn’t like it.

The Need for Homes and Koreatown’s Place in Seeking a Solution

It seems that words fail us sometimes.   Words like “homeless” too easily lead to words like “drugs”, “safety risk”, and “violence” — but the problem is this:  we are faced with a huge and complicated challenge in Los Angeles.  We need the entire city, including our K-town, to step up and do as much as possible — until it hurts - to help.  Families, children, disabled veterans, and immigrants need help.  Koreatown has space owned by the city.  The community needs to support the city with offers of help in social services, in health care, in mental health services.  The City needs to support the resources in Koreatown by offering funding and other resources to allow this crisis to be an opportunity for demonstrating that we truly do live in the City of Angels.

Support for the proposed homeless shelter at 682 S Vermont

This letter expresses the support of the Korean Resource Center for the proposed temporary homeless shelter in Koreatown located at 682 S. Vermont Avenue (CF No. 18-0932). We applaud the City’s recent initiatives over the last three years with respect to the issue of homelessness that has affected every neighborhood throughout the City of Los Angeles. Further, we support any measure to establish temporary homeless shelters to solve this crisis including the use of the DOT parking lot at 682 S. Vermont Avenue. We believe that the City should dedicate additional outreach effort to educate and raise awareness among local residents. Every neighborhood and community needs to participate throughout the City if we are to achieve the mandates of Proposition HHH and Measure H.