Hermitage, Tennessee community members form human chain to block ICE from detaining neighbor (Daily Kos)

Hermitage, Tennessee community members rushed to a neighbor’s home to protect him and his son from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents early Monday morning, Nashville Scene reports, at one point forming a human chain around the van where the family had been stuck so they could safely exit into their home.

More than 70 arrested for 'Catholic Day of Action for Immigrant Children' (Sojourners)

On July 18, more than 200 people gathered outside the Capitol Building for a Catholic Day of Action for Immigrant Children. Catholic leaders and immigrant-rights activists called out the mistreatment of families as a violation of human dignity and contrary to religious teachings. After reckoning with reports of conditions in the detention camps, and a final prayer, the group moved to the Russell Senate Building rotunda to protest the administration’s immigration policies. The Lord’s Prayer and names of children who’ve died in custody filled the air. Police promptly issued warnings, then arrested 72 people for unlawful demonstration in the space. Becky Belcore, co-director of NAKASEC, advocates for the Reuniting Families Act, which would protect the family-based immigration system that is under threat of being changed to a merit-based system that prioritizes higher-educated and wealthy people.

KRC Seniors Meeting (July 2019)

KRC organizes a group of 60 Korean American seniors (previously known as Community Health Promoters) who meet monthly to learn about health, community issues, and to take action and bring change to the community. In July, we will meet to evaluate our June LAUSD elections Measure EE work and the apartment manager corruption report outreach efforts.

"저소득층 시민권 신청 지금해야 수수료 면제" (중앙일보)

정부 보조 혜택을 받는 저소득층 주민을 위한 시민권 신청 수수료 면제 제도가 곧 폐지될 것으로 보인다. 이에 따라 세금 보고를 하지 않은 노인 등 이민자들은 당장 다음달부터 수수료를 내야할 수 있어 시민권 신청을 서둘러야 한다. 민족학교는 지난 4월 LA에서 실시한 시민권 신청 워크숍에 이어 7월 27일 오전 9시부터 오후 5시까지 민족학교 오렌지카운티 풀러턴 사무실(620 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton)에서 시민권 신청 워크숍을 개최한다. 사전 예약을 해야 한다. 시민권 신청서 작성 절차 안내와 수수료 면제 신청도 진행된다.

이민자 옹호 한인단체, ICE 체포작전에 한국어 핫라인 가동 (라디오코리아)

연방 이민세관단속국 ICE가 오는 14일 대대적인 불법체류자 체포작전에 나설 것이라는 소식에 이민 사회 내에서 추방 공포가 확산하고 있다. NAKASEC은 ICE 요원이 급습할 시 묵비권으로 대응하고 어떠한 질문에도 대답하지 말 것을 당부했다.

Desperate to get rid of homeless people, some are using prickly plants, fences, barriers (Los Angeles Times)

Mozgo and others increasingly are taking matters into their own hands, putting obstacles in public spaces to prevent homeless people from sleeping in them. Chris Homandberg, a Koreatown resident and activist with the homeless outreach and advocacy group KTown for All, makes it his business to complain about the fences, planters and rosebushes that have been proliferating in his neighborhood.  “These issues go unaddressed and allow property owners to do what they want to get people out of sight. That’s a problem,” he said. “My goal is not to get people in trouble. It’s to work on this idea that you can’t address [homelessness] by pushing people around.”

Fullerton Declares Shelter Crisis, Could See New Homeless Shelters Open (Voice of OC)

New homeless shelters in Fullerton could be opening soon after the City Council voted to declare a shelter crisis in the city to ease building laws that would hamper shelter construction. Father Dennis Kriz, of St. Phillip Benizi church in Fullerton, helped organize at least 60 people — all dressed in white — to attend the meeting and advocate for the crisis declaration. Kriz helped organize with other local religious leaders in the area.   He said many will take shelter if beds were available.  “Because most of them would go if they had a place to go,” Kriz said. 

나카섹 임원진, 휴스턴 재방문 (중앙일보)

서류미비자 청년추방 유예 프로그램(DACA) 해당자들을 돕기 위한 투어프로그램으로 올 3월 휴스턴을 방문했던 나카섹 김정우 디렉터를 비롯한 젊은 청년들이 다시 휴스턴을 찾는다. 김정우씨는 “현재 서류미비자 청년추방 유예 프로그램인 다카(DACA) 혜택을 받고있는 청년들은 약 80만명이고, TPS 프로그램 혜택을 받는 사람은 30만 명이 넘는 만큼 드림법안은 서류미비학생에게 시민권에 이르는 기회를 제공하는 중요한 법안”이라며 “오는 7월 23일(화) 오전 10시에 휴스턴 한인회관을 방문해 DACA수혜자로서 알아야 할 정보들을 제공할 예정이며, DACA수혜자들의 권리를 찾기 위한 궁금증을 해소할 수 있는 정보제공을 할 것”이라고 밝혔다.

Building the Asian American Movement: Then and Now (KCRW)

Museums are increasingly adding social and political activism to their schedules of events. A panel at the Japanese-American museum in Little Tokyo will take a cross-generational look at the challenges and opportunities Asian American communities face as they continue to grow and engage in political action around causes including the fight against gentrification, organizing immigrant workers and other political campaigns. Eddie Wong, co-founder of Visual Communications, the first Asian Pacific American media organization in the country, will highlight the visual dimensions of protest, and will moderate a conversation with Florante Ibanez, Miya Iwataki, Sandy Maeshiro, Tiffany Do, Frances Huynh, Sophia Cheng, Jonathan Paik, and Sophia Cheng.


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