PRRI: American Democracy in Crisis

A new PRRI/The Atlantic survey on Americans’ feelings about the health of our nation’s democratic institutions reveal significant partisan divisions over racial diversity and religious pluralism. “Divergent attitudes about the very desirability of ethnic and religious pluralism are one of the key drivers of partisan polarization today,” said PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones. “Compared to Americans who identify with the Republican Party, Americans who identify with the Democratic Party are twice as likely to affirm a preference for an ethnically diverse country and are four times as likely to prefer a religiously diverse country.”

캘리포니아 드림 법안 설명회 (2월 23일)

민족학교에서 무료 캘리포니아 드림 법안 신청서 설명회를 진행합니다. 캘리포니아 드림 법안 신청서 설명회는 캘리포니아 드림 법안 AB130 과 AB131, AB540 등 서류미비자 학생들을 위한 대학교 학비보조금에 관한 주제를 포함합니다. 날짜: 2019년 2월 23일 (토) 12:00 PM; 장소: 민족학교 플러튼 사무실

Immigrants and Refugees Deserve Better than a Harmful Bill and a Fake National Emergency

We are gravely concerned by the steps taken today by the United States Congress and the president. Jonathan Paik, director of the Korean Resource Center, a NAKASEC affiliate, stated: “This is a reckless move and endangers the future of our country. Our democracy is in incredible danger- this is the true national emergency. We call on all our fellow Americans to resist these abuses of power and reclaim our democracy!”

우리는 장벽도, 셧다운도 원하지 않는다

2018년 12월 12일, 미국 연방 정부의 기능이 정지되었습니다. 그 이유는 도널드 트럼프 대통령이 자신의 분열주의적인 반이민 의제를 관철시키기 위해 아무런 효용도 없는 국경 장벽 건설을 위한 57억불 예산 확보를 위해 전 국가와 국민을 인질로 삼았기 때문입니다. 이 연방정부 폐쇄는 한인과 아시안 아메리칸 커뮤니티를 비롯한 전 커뮤니티에 영향을 미쳤습니다. 저희는 트럼프 대통령과 행정부가 인종차별적이고 예산낭비에 불과한 국경 장벽을 건설하여, 모든 이민자 커뮤니티를 위험에 몰아넣지 말고, 국정을 계속할 것을 요구합니다. 대신 이 예산을 모든 국민에게 도움이 되는 실질적인 프로젝트를 후원하는데 배정하도록 촉구합니다. 

No Wall, No Shutdown - An AAPI Perspective

On December 12, 2018 the United States government shut down. Why? Because Donald Trump was willing to hold the entire country hostage in order to get $5.7 BILLION for a wall that will benefit absolutely no one expect Trump’s divisive, anti-immigrant agenda. This move affected all communities, including the Korean and Asian Americans. Rather than negotiating with members of Congress towards a solution that would protect all immigrants, including those in border communities, Trump opted to shut down the government for 35 days, effectively stopping essential departments like the Department of Housing/Urban Development, Education, and Agriculture, from operating. 

Scholarships that do not require immigration status - Immigrant Rising 2018-2019

Scholarships are essential for many undocumented students to pay for higher education, especially students who do not qualify for in-state tuition and state-based financial aid. Undocumented students pursuing higher education need to know that scholarships are available to them—regardless of their immigration status. This year, Immigrant Rising added 79 brand-new scholarships to its 2018-2019 List of Scholarships. The complete list now contains 232 scholarships that do not require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency (198 scholarships are open to individuals who don’t have DACA or in-state eligibility).

We Support Jussie Smollett

We are in solidarity with Jussie Smollett and all impacted communities who have survived hate crimes. Like so many members of our community, we are disturbed and outraged by the recent assault and vicious hate crime against Mr. Smollett in Chicago, which was reportedly perpetrated by two white men yelling "This is MAGA country."

NAKASEC Virginia Campaigns Coordinator (January 2019)

NAKASEC VA’s Campaigns Coordinator will be a key member of a local-national team that develops and implements multi-pronged education, advocacy, civic engagement and organizing projects to advance policies towards social, economic and racial justice. Your goal is to build a strong, informed and active Korean and Asian American base in Northern Virginia to win policies that uplift our communities.

CA Dream Act Workshop in Fullerton

Join us for our CA Dream Act Workshop in Fullerton! The Korean Resource Center will provide AB 540/CA Dream Act Workshop for undocumented high school and college students. The workshop will provide important information on how to apply to college as an undocumented student, including AB 540/CA Dream Act qualifications, step by step application process, and available financial aid resources. Date: Saturday, February 2, 3:00 PM. Location: KRC Fullerton Office. Please register online.


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